Bovine Herd Health Care

Our knowledgeable veterinarians are on staff to help you and answer any questions you have about your herd.  We are on call for any large animal emergency 24/7.

We offer routine and specialized herd health care for dairy and beef cattle. We focus on bovine pregnancy diagnosis, metabolic disease, gastrointestinal disease, respiratory disease, lameness, macro and trace mineral analysis, as well as calf rearing.

  • Sickness Exams -Individual and herd evaluations are performed to determine cause of morbidity.  This emergency coverage includes administration of intravenous fluids, treatment for choke, heat stroke, overeating disease, polioencephalomalacia, listeriosis, “failure to thrive” syndrome, among many other possibilities.
  • Surgery –We routinely perform surgery for displaced abomasums, caesarian sections, and surgical castrations