Feline Boarding

For pet parents who are headed out of town, it’s never easy to leave their favorite four-legged friend behind. That’s why the feline boarding facility at Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic can be such a good resource for you. We provide you with a comfortable, clean, calm facility for your cat, where we’ll keep a close eye on your pet and keep them safe and well-cared for until your return.

In our Feline Wing, we are pleased to provide  boarding for your cat in one of our cat condos. With spacious rooms and a full window to view the outdoors, your cat will be sure to enjoy their stay while you are away.  A quiet and safe area will keep them stress free and separate from any other animals within the clinic.

We specialize in medical boarding, with skilled staff at the veterinary clinic 24 hours a day to keep your pet company and ensure that medications are given accurately and on time.