Parasite Prevention

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas are a major problem in Western Washington. Not only are they an irritant to your pet, they also can cause major skin problems.

Flea and parasite control is an important part of taking care of our loved pets.  Our pets contract these hardy organisms by eating infected debris, walking and swimming in infected environments, and from direct contact with other animals.  In addition to transmitting tape worms, fleas are the most common cause of itching and dermatitis in our pets.

Not only important for our pet’s safety, fleas and parasites that our pets carry can also transmit to us, especially children under 10 years old and immune suppressed people.

Just like vaccines, it is important to choose an appropriate flea and parasite control program for your pet’s lifestyle. As you know, the choices one has when considering parasite control are endless.  New products are available every year and maybe inexpensive and tout great efficacy, but turn out to be ineffective or have inappropriate side affects.  Use our knowledgeable and experienced recommendation to decide whether topical, oral, water proof, broad or narrow spectrum, systemic or superficial products are best for your pets living conditions. We offer a full line of flea control products ranging from topical monthly treatments to an oral pill.


Although we are fortunate that we do not see many cases of heartworm disease in the Northwest, pets that travel or have been adopted from other parts of the country are susceptible.

Heartworm disease in animals is a serious threat that can cause heart failure and even death. Dogs are the most common victims but other pets are susceptible also. Heartworms infect the heart and restrict blood flow causing organ failure.

Prevention is key! Talk to your veterinarian to answer any questions you have and especially in advance of travel to areas where heartworm disease is prevalent. We can test your pet and prescribe a monthly medication to prevent heartworm.

In 2018, 17 cases of Heartworm Disease were reported by Antech and Idexx Labs in dogs within Skagit County.  Seattle was also reported by Companion Parasite Council as being the 10th city with the most increase in Heartworm incidence.  While the incidence remains very low, we still highly recommend all cats and dogs be protected from Heartworm disease.

Internal Parasites

Providing continuous protection against harmful parasites is vital to protecting the health of your pets. By bringing in a fecal sample, we can test for parasites and begin treatment immediately.