We are here to help you during your pet’s pregnancy.  Never hesitate calling us so we may answer any questions you have.

Canine Reproduction

When it comes time to welcome a new litter of puppies to your life we at CVVC are there to guide you.  The first step is to be sure your pet is healthy for pregnancy as well as to be sure she is not carrying any unwanted genetic traits that could be passed on to offspring.  This may include radiographs of her hips/elbows, heart evaluations, eye exams, and blood work. Doing these tests prior to breeding will help assure that we are bringing healthy offspring into this world.

The process of breeding your pet can be very consuming.  Consulting with one of our doctors can help direct you in the right direction.  There are many options today on how to proceed from natural breeding, artificial breeding, and cooled semen or frozen semen.  Which is best for you and your pet, is an individual decision.  We can discuss the pros and cons on each one.

The best way to diagnose pregnancy is with ultrasound.  Ultrasound will give you a very accurate due date, a confirmation of viable fetuses as well as an estimate of how many are in the litter.  The ultrasound is best performed between days 25 and 40 after breeding.  The most accurate way to count how many are in the litter is with x-rays. X-rays need to be done after day 50 of gestation.  Most breeders do both ultrasound as well as x-ray.  When your pet comes in for her ultrasound or x-ray we will examine to be sure the pregnancy is going well.  It is also a great time to discuss the upcoming labor.

Labor can be a very stressful event.  We are here to help guide you through this process. When more than 2 hours occurs between puppies, it is time to call.  Also if strong contractions do not results in a baby within 20 minutes it is time to call. C-sections are a very common surgery at CVVC and are done on both a planned basis as well as a daytime emergency.

Our recommendation with any breeding situation is to consult with one of our veterinarians.  We can outline a plan so that the experience is a very positive one.