Surgery Pre-Operative Care

The Night Before Surgery

It is very important that you do not feed your pet after 9:00 p.m. the night before surgery.  Water is fine.  If you have concerns about this, please let our staff know well in advance of the surgery day.  Our receptionists will call you the night before surgery (Saturday for Monday surgeries) to remind you about withholding food.

Our staff will be sure to inform you prior to surgery of any special requirements at home for recovery.  If you are concerned about the environment for your pets recovery time, please be sure to ask.

Hospital Admissions

Prior to surgery, you should receive a written estimate for the cost of the surgery.  If you have any questions regarding the cost, please be sure to inquire.

If this is the first time you are coming to CVVC we will set up an initial appointment the morning of surgery so you can meet your veterinarian and they can answer any questions or concerns prior to surgery

When arriving, please allow fifteen minutes at check-in time to complete necessary paperwork and to answer some questions.  You will be required to sign a hospital admittance form allowing us to provide the services indicated by the estimate.  You will also be asked to provide contact phone information so we may call you if we have additional questions.

Pre-Anestetic Blood Screens

Pre-surgical blood screens are always completed for our patients. This evaluates the function of the liver, kidneys and other internal organs, to ensure that they are healthy enough to metabolize the anesthetic agents used. It also helps us determine if there is an underlying infection, anemia, or dehydration that needs to be addressed before undergoing anesthesia.