Client Testimonials

To the Office Manager Ms. Schorno: We have just experienced the most exemplary care in a veterinary clinic at your facility. Kristina knew the urgency of our needs for our Labrador and fit us into the schedule with great sympathy and knowledge. Dr. Brown’s expertise is extraordinary and we cannot ask for a better veterinarian for our Ginny. He was so gentle with her and knew how necessary immediate treatment was, and with all the excellent lab work and ultrasound equipment available, he was so processional and caring. Thank you for employing such a fine doctor! 

– Stephen Bartok, M.D. and Ann Bartok

Chuckanut Valley Vet was recommended to me by a friend several years ago. I have had professional and efficient service backed up with true compassion and sincerity. Whether you have a question on a specific product or are faced with making tough choices, the staff and veterinarians at this establishment will get you the answers and information you need to make the best decision for your pet. New longer hours of service are a true sign of dedication by the vets and supporting staff at CVVC. I truly appreciated being able to take my dogs to their regular vet for after-hours emergencies as I feel they will get better treatment by having their individual history on hand. A bar-setting establishment from my experience.

– Kerry Sweitzer

We are so grateful to have found such an exceptional veterinary clinic. Sydney our furry five year old Schnauzer mix ruptured her CCL. From the minute we walked in the door we had a gut feeling that this was the right decision to have Dr. Jake Searle do the knee surgery. Dr. Searle has been compassionate and professional. During the consultation he was gentle and patient. At the same time Kira, the veterinary assistant, was so friendly and efficient documenting the consultation. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Searle called us and reassured us that everything looked good during her pre-surgical exam. He again explained the surgical procedure and asked us if we had any questions. Dr. Searle went above and beyond the call of duty by once again, personally calling us after the surgery, to ease our minds letting us know that all went well. He told us to call him if there were any concerns. We did end up calling the hospital several times because of medication issues and Sydney having ripped out some of her stitches. Once again someone called us back right away and talked us through it. The day, after the surgery, we went to pick up Sydney and Sharon the technician spent time with us explaining Sydney’s post operative recovery procedures. Sharon was again thorough and friendly. Then we met Brandi the physical rehabilitation practitioner and she too was so kind and gentle with Sydney during the rehabilitation session. Everyone we met was professional, and now we understand why Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic has won the best Veterinary Award for so many years. We strongly recommend your veterinary clinic. Thank you for taking such good care of furry girl Sydney.

– Honored Pet Parents Al and Patsy

To the Team at CVVC – Thanks so much for the great service! Sherman was in a bad way, and you got him in right away. He’s doing great! We both thank you!

– Gary Maxfield

All employees we have dealt with are outstanding.

– Carolyn Wall

Everyone who has worked with us is top notch. Keep up the good work!

– Bev Sundean

Receptionists to Vets are great. My cat has no more bad breath. She is back on my lap! Thanks.

– Shelly Nelson

Excellent communication about process and procedures. You’re all super organized and helpful. Excellent care, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Thanks for the day-after dental work phone call to check in on Otis.

– Sooz Klinkhamer

I would just like to say that my dog is never happy to see a stranger.  Usually just gets excited to see her “mom”, “grandma”, and “grandpa”.  Bur after a few visits, Elli was so excited to see Brandi.  I think that shows a lot about a person.  Thanks Brandi!!

– Lauren Aalmo

When my husband and I woke up on the 4th of July morning and saw that Reggie’s glands were extremely swollen, we rushed him to an emergency clinic in Snohomish County. We were there for about 2 hours while they examined him. We were so scared and nervously waiting for the results on our baby. When the vet finally came out she said he needs surgery and will cost upwards of $4,000. We asked what it was and if it was a risky surgery. They said it was risky and HAD to be done by their specialist. There wasn’t really any explanation of the procedure or anything. They told us to go home and call to make an appointment to get a surgery assessment. We called and they weren’t available until the following week. We didn’t want to wait that long so we called around to the vet clinics around here and we were told that no one could help us. We were at a loss. We were scared, confused, didn’t really understand what was going on or what needed to be done. My husband’s sister told us to call you. So we did. And thank goodness we did. When I called for the first time a very nice compassionate receptionist answered the phone. I explained to her what I knew was going on and asked if she could help us. She was so sweet and answered all my questions and even got us in for an early appointment the next day. She was so knowledgeable and was willing to help us. I was so relieved to finally talk to someone who would talk to me like a person not a checkbook. When we got to your facility we were very happy with the professional and clean atmosphere. Everyone there greeted us with a smile. When we met with Dr Wesley he explained EVERYTHING to us. He even had books out to show exactly what was going on with our baby and how he was going to fix it. We were so happy and relieved to know that Reggie would be in good hands. I brought Reggie in the next day for the surgery and I had no worries about his well being. I got a call that afternoon and was informed that the surgery was successful and problem free. My heart was full of joy! I was offered to come by and see my pup whenever I wanted. Of course I came by right away. I was so happy to see him so comfortable and in a clean safe environment. Dr Wesley was there to talk with me about the surgery and let me know everything. Reggie is now home and back to his old self! Running around and playing and just being happy!

We just wanted to let you all know that your services were extremely appreciated. We went from confused and scared to relieved and happy just by talking to your staff. We will never use another clinic for our pets and we are looking forward to seeing you again with our new puppy Roxy when she comes home the end of July. Thank you all again so much!!!

– Thomas & Tracey Becker

Each person does more than required which is excellent.  There never is a question as to what care facility we use.

– Pat & Ralph Roper

I was impressed that Jypsy didn’t seem to have any tenderness after her dental. You always call with results right away. You care that we care!

– Connie Park

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our cats Whiskey & Basil.

– Kristi Crichley

I am so grateful for all of you! You work as a team! WOW.

– Cheryl Breum-Schlicker

We have complete trust in the whole Team at Chuckanut. We have referred several people and their pets to you folks. As far as we know – they, like us, are very pleased with the care you all deliver. Thank you.

– Stella Sundquist

We have always been pleased with the personal attention that our dogs have received. This year we had to let our old dog “Shy” depart us. We appreciated the care and love you showed to her and to us. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it!

– William Voth

Very professional treatment – Thanks for your professional care and telephone follow-up.

– Jon Hamley

We really appreciate you guys doing both surgeries at the same time, saving our kitten from going in twice. Your facility is the best I have come across. You care about the animals and you respect that our pocket book has a limit. Thank you!

– Joni & Ryan Jakobe

The most professional, caring, friendly staff – from the receptionists, to the techs, to the vets. All exceptional and knowledgeable. Chester loves you guys. We are so grateful for your kindness to us and your patient answering of our questions. Better than many doctors office! Definitely the best vet I’ve been to.

– Heide Ulbricht

Thanks so much for all the great work you provide. The care is outstanding. Thanks so much!

– Ron & Erika Chapman

Everyone is courteous, kind, and competent.

– Linda Jordan

You guys are great! My pets and I love everybody there and are very happy with the care and service we receive.

– Karen Rodabaugh

A thank you to all at Chuckanut Vet for your professional approach but yet tender loving care you have given to our animals these past two year! We are grateful that you have Brandi full-time Physical Therapist in house, what with Dot having had two cruciate ligament ruptures the PT was imperative to get her walking again after her surgeries – Thank you Dr. Brown! Even though it takes us a full hour to get to you, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Keep up the good work!

– Jackie Ramos

After 20 pets (some fostered, some permanent residents) and 10 years, we feel like CVVC is home and all the staff are family. There is no way we could have provided top notch care or preserved our sanity without you!

– Cyd Sanborn

I still remember the first time I visited CVVC with my golden retriever, Punkin. Dr. Brown greeted us in the exam room and sat himself down on the floor with Punkin. I was immediately impressed.

You don’t have to look too hard to see that everyone at CVVC genuinely loves what they do. They are compassionate and knowledgeable and more importantly, respectful of the bond we share with our beloved companions! I don’t think this is something one can be taught, but more something a person just possesses.

Thank you, to all of you, for being such an important part of our pets’ lives and for being who you are. We are fortunate to have you!

– Tami & Dave Hoeft

The doctors and their entire staff at Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic have made a world of difference for us in the care of our Friesians in the past several years, not only in our breeding activities, but with their assistance in some rather unusual farm emergencies, as well. The people at Chuckanut have always been readily available with their professional care and much appreciated encouragement in every circumstance. The fees have always been fair and reasonable, and it is great to know we are more than just a customer with a checkbook.

– Marilyn Pineda, Fire Mountain Friesians

Our animals have always received quality and compassionate care from the staff at CVVC. Not only do they take care of our animals, it is obvious they care about our animals.

– Lisa & Steven Radeleff

Our experience with Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic has been very positive and we feel fortunate to have friends who recommended the Clinic to us when our 4 month old puppy got very sick.

All of the staff, receptionists, vet techs and assistants, and vets are great, always friendly and helpful. We always feel like our dog is important to them (Bridger thinks so too!).

We have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Brown. When our dog was sick he stayed in frequent contact with us. He always had time to answer our many questions or give advice when we needed it. Having that kind of care and support resulted in a successful recovery for our dog.

We recommend the Clinic to other pet owners when ever we can.

– Cindy & John Custer and Bridger

Thank you for fifteen years of excellent veterinary care. You have never let us down and have always been there for us.

– Joan & Dave Crane

After working for Veterinarians for so many years, I was frightened at the thought of having to find a Veterinarian as being a “client”. I found Dr. Brown and all the other Vets at CVVC, and I am thrilled. Their compassionate care for my fur-kids has amazed me. My dogs love all of them. I am blessed to be a “client”, we love them!

– Trisha Poe

We have used the services of CVVC for many years for both our dairy cattle and our pets. They consistently have a great staff of veterinarians and clinic personnel. As for scheduled farm and clinic visits, we appreciate their timeliness and especially their quick response to emergencies involving both our cows and pets when needed!

– Steve Youngren

The staff of Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic have been so caring, professional, supportive and really listened to us through some very tough times with our dogs, especially with our cocker (Inky). If your visit is the first time or the 40th they care and make you feel you’re special. We can’t thank you enough.

– Butch & Bonnie Huhn

In November 2009, we had the great pleasure of adopting labradoodle Liberty then 9 weeks old, a perfect fluff ball of curiosity and high energy. I couldn’t wait to get her home and to CVVC for a complete check up. Even though she looked fine, owners always worry about unforeseen illness or physical defect.

Dr. Ingman checked her over while totally wrapped in her leash like a mummy dodging her welcoming kisses. He pronounced her fit amid the chuckles of us all from her exuberant puppy affection. She has the fastest kisser in all of Washington.

Liberty continued to thrive through the Puppy Plan culminating in her spay. Dr. Knopf spayed her as there are WAY too many puppies in this world; many meeting a sad fate of euthanasia, neglect, or abandonment.

Unfortunately, there was sadness on the horizon for Lib Dog. On March 10,2010 she darted out the garage door running with excitement at her new freedom. She stopped only to great kids walking to school as we chased after her. A truck was unable to miss hitting her when she bolted in front of him. This is the moment all pet owners fear

Jerry ran home to get a blanket as the truck driver, neighbor, few kids, and I surrounded her on the sidewalk offering soothing words and many pets.

The truck driver, Chip, and Jerry gently transferred her to the blanket for transport in the waiting car. We rushed her straight to CVVC, Jerry in his suit, me in my dog decorated pajamas and riotous hairdo.

We were met at the door by techs that immediately started an IV with self-assurance of ones well trained. They soothed Libby with cuddling and encouraging words. We stood by in a daze before leaving to wait for a vet call.

The crew at the clinic galvanized into a rescue machine taking x-rays, administering medication, and examining the damage done to Liberty’s back leg and hip.

Dr. Brown phoned to give us the results. She had extensive trauma and a badly fractured leg and hip. Many of the technical names eluded me, but he was patient and explained everything so my muddled mind could understand where we stood with her.

It was decided that swelling in the trauma area needed to subside a bit before surgery in two day. Dr. Searle was called in on his day off, in concert with the other vets to decide how to proceed. Dr. Searle, the resident “Plate” expert, was the lead on her surgery with assistance of the others on Friday March 12.

Mid afternoon on that Friday, a tired Dr. Searle phoned with results of the almost six hour surgery. The trauma was worse than expected with numerous challenges met by this highly skilled team of whom I have deep and unshakable confidence.

Liberty came home the following day. We have to help her walk with a sling under her belly supporting the bad leg while she sports a punk hairdo. Her pink swollen hind quarters looks like a pigs seen at the fair. She then started physical therapy. I could empathize with her pain after having a knee replacement in January myself.   We are the Hobbling Heller’s, a new rap group.

One main concern was the continued viability of the broken ball at the top of her broken femur. We opted for lazar treatments and twice a week physical therapy with Brandi. She, like everyone else in the clinic, is highly trained in her field and loves animals.

The knowledgeable and love-filled care by CVVC professions saved Liberty’s leg. We believe she will have complete recovery.

Throughout this ordeal, CVVC staff has been our rock, from a late night call to Dr. Ingman, to the reception staff concerned about how I was faring as well as the pup. Each time we arrive at the clinic, Liberty and I are met at the door by staff welcoming us and praising Liberty and her progress. She can’t wait to also welcome everyone in return with her exuberant puppy 45lb zeal and clawing toe nails on the slick floors. This loving willingness of hers to come to the clinic says a lot for the compassionate care received.

Expensive, you bet, however much cheaper than my orthopedic surgery. In fact the cost was so reasonable that we are considering having CVVC vets do Jerry’s hip replacement in June if they can find a longer surgery table. Master Card has graciously offered to help us pay our bill, a bill well worth paying.

The future will be filled with much joy and hopefully no more trauma.. But tomorrow is not promised to anyone, only today. We have just this moment in time to use for the best. Yesterday is over and cannot be changed. Tomorrow may surprise us, but for our family of two cats and Liberty we have a confidence that no matter what happens, CVVC will do all in their power and training to help and protect our furry playmates for years to come. Thank you everyone at CVVC, you are the best!

– Jerry & Susie Heller

What can Mike and I say about “our home away from home.” Whenever we call for an appointment or just stop by to pick something up, it’s like coming by for a visit with one of our brothers or sisters, or better said, one of our children, considering our ages vs. theirs. At any rate, you get the feeling that you’re coming to see family. That would include everyone, from the gals at the front desk, to the vet techs (who happen to be the most knowledgeable and caring techs in the whole state), to the vets themselves.

We both would rather have Dr. Searle, Dr. Brown, Dr. Knopf, Dr. Ingman, and Dr. Wesley take care of our pets, than to have the world’s greatest specialist in anything take care of them; the reason is the difference in care and the quality of it. The biggest difference is that when these doctors take care of them, they are treating family members, not just the animal, but us as well. I know that if I have to leave a pet there for hospitalization, I won’t have to worry or even feel bad, because I know my critters are going to be loved and cared for as if I were the one staying and doing it.

One of these days, we are going to have to leave this area and go back to the Midwest, and boy, will there be some tears shed when we have to leave this great family of ours.

– Mike & Julie Harvin

I have worked with Chuckanut Valley Vet for over 20 years. They work with our dairy cows, sheep, Australian shepherds and Kelpies.  It has been a great working relationship between us.  IF there is a topic that needs to be researched, the time is spent to find the latest answers. IF an emergency is needed, a quick diagnosis is made to help the animal quickly so we are on the road to recovery.  If it is basic care, we get the individual time for every visit.  Thanks for everything.

– Jan Wesen

We feel so very fortunate to have the great staff at Chuckanut Valley Vet clinic helping us take the best possible care of our beloved kitties!  Everyone there is so knowledgeable, and they truly do care deeply about not only our pets, but about the abused and neglected animals in our community.  The clinic facility is always immaculate and up-to-date, and the location and hours are very convenient.

– Marianna Metke

Chuckanut Valley Vets are the best!  Our Shitzu “Capt. Nemo” had a serious back injury.  They referred us to a neurological surgeon in Lynnwood.  After the surgery Chuckanut did all his physical therapy and acupuncture follow-up.  He is now doing well and we “thank everyone” at CVVC.  Nemo loves to come to CVVC.

– Mary Ann Womac

Our cats have received excellent, compassionate care from Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic for many years. I credit them with giving our beloved senior cat Bandit some precious extra time.

– Merridy Wilson

Thanks to all of you who have worked on my dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and cows.  You always have a caring attitude and that helps in a time that can be stressful.

– Adrienne Bourque

I would like to express my profound gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness to the wonderful doctors and staff at Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic. Not only for their top medical care but also for their understanding, caring, support, and compassion.

Here is what happened:

On Thursday, May 31, 2007 our dog Riley was hit by a car. Imagine my husband, Scott’s, and my state of mind – our whole world seemed to suddenly be turned upside down. Poor Riley was in terrible shape. One second Riley was playing and the next second he was in awful pain.   We were 25 minutes from the vet clinic. We did manage to call and let them know we were on our way. I recall holding Riley’s back right leg together and trying to comfort him. He was crying off and on – we were panicked.

As soon as we arrived at the Clinic, everyone sprung into action starting in the parking lot. They were there waiting for us to arrive with a stretcher. What a relief because we knew no time would be wasted. Riley was immediately whisked into the Clinic by loving and caring people.

We thought he would probably lose his leg right then and there but Dr. Brown performed surgery and inserted screws in the leg and a metal splint was attached to hold everything together. Scott and I visited Riley every day for the next few days. We were able to bring him home the next Tuesday. It seemed like an absolute eternity to all of us (our other dog, Joey and our cat, Jessie, missed Riley so much as well). As anyone who has the privilege of having animals will attest to, you can’t make them understand what is happening, why it is happening, or for how long.

The day after we brought Riley home, we were outside the clinic waiting for Riley’s next appointment and his left hip went out. We felt so utterly helpless but at least we were in the right place. The doctor put his hip in, but it kept popping out. We had to leave our poor boy at the Clinic again so he could have another surgery to pin his left hip. The next two weeks were extremely tough on everyone. Riley had to stay at the clinic and had IV’s and tubes sticking out of him. We all had many sleepless nights without Riley. We knew he was getting top-notch care and that meant the world to Scott and me.

All the staff were incredibly understanding and supportive as Scott and I visited Riley twice a day. I would sit in his cage and talk to him and brush him and he seemed very content thanks to the care and attention he was getting from the staff. Riley is a very loving dog and I saw quite a few of the staff visiting him for kisses. Riley seemed to “own the place”. I even saw one of the Clinic cats stroll over to visit him!

The whole atmosphere at the clinic is anything but clinical. When you walk in, you are instantly at home. It is obvious everyone is there to assist the animals and their humans in whatever way possible. It was a loving and caring environment for Riley and we knew he was with the best people if he had to be away from us. People that loved him and were giving him the best care available. We credit the doctors and staff for Riley maintaining his great attitude and wonderful personality throughout the entire ordeal.

Today Riley is in the healing process. There may be more surgeries (because of infection) the doctors may need to do, but other than that he is recuperating very well. He has even started wrestling with Joey (it brought tears to my eyes to see Riley felt good enough to play). Something that had been missing for far too long from our happy household.

On one of our recent visits, Riley and I walked in the clinic and Riley saw one of the staff across the room. The staff member was with a client. Riley walked right on over to say hello and looked at her as if she were a friend for years. What a wonderful feeling that gave me. Riley obviously feels like “top dog” when he is at the Clinic. Thank you to everyone at the Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic for all their magnificent care, dedication, and devotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Every animal should be fortunate enough to have you for their vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Leslie & Scott Blackburn