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Pet Bathing & Grooming

Our veterinarians can offer pet grooming and bathing services for all breeds of dog as part of our boarding services, helping your canine companion to put their best paw forward while looking and feeling their best.

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Professional Dog Grooming Services

The professional grooming services offered at our hospitals throughout boarding programs help dogs to look and feel clean, neat, and healthy. It saves you time and energy too!

From haircuts to help your fluffy friend manage the summer heat, to flea control treatments, shampoos, and nail trims, our grooming, and bathing services include everything your pet needs to stay clean, healthy, and as adorable as ever!

Dog Bathing & Grooming in Burlington and Bellingham

Putting Your Pet's Best Paw Forward

We offer professional pet grooming services at our animal hospital. Our professional groomer has the knowledge and experience to groom pets of all coat types and temperaments.

Dog Grooming FAQs

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about dog grooming at Chuckanut Valley Vet Clinic and Chuckanut Feline Center.

  • What do grooming services include?

    Based on your pet's needs, we can provide a combination of the following during a grooming session:

    • Ear cleaning
    • Full haircuts
    • Bathing: shampoo & conditioning
    • Nail trimming
    • Breed-specific haircuts
    • De-shedding treatments
    • Brushing 
  • Why should I have my pet professionally groomed?

    While you may choose to take on the responsibility and time commitment of grooming your pet yourself, there are a few good reasons to have the job done by a professional groomer:

    They have the right tools.

    Professional groomers have a wide array of tools at their disposal, from clippers and specialty skin products to grooming tables and bathtubs designed for our animal companions. They also use a selection of shampoos for dogs with allergies, fleas and ticks, and even dogs who have been sprayed by a skunk!

    They have plenty of experience handling pets.

    Professional groomers know what to do to keep pets safe during grooming. They are experienced in handling seniors, animals with behavioral issues, and more.

    They take care of the unsavory tasks.

    No matter how much we love our pets, when it comes to cleaning and grooming them, certain tasks are far from pleasant. From shampooing muddy or skunked dogs to removing fleas and ticks and cleaning anal glands, a professional groomer will get the yucky stuff done with a minimum of fuss – so you don't have to.

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  • How often should I have my pet groomed?

    The proper frequency of grooming sessions depends on your pet's breed, hair length, and coat type. In most cases, though, regular grooming should be done about once a month.

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  • How long does a grooming session take?

    The duration of a grooming session depends on the size of your pet, and the coat type and length. It also depends on what types of services are required to groom them. That said, most grooming sessions at our hospital take between one and two hours.

  • How much does grooming cost?

    The cost of grooming varies depending on your pet's breed and size, and the type of coat they have. Whether your pet has any significant behavioral issues can also affect the cost. For a better idea of cost, please contact us for an estimate.

  • What are the health benefits of professional grooming?

    Grooming is incredibly important to making sure your pet stays healthy and clean. These tasks remove fur they have shed but have become stuck in the rest of their coat, mats, fleas, and ticks. Grooming may even prevent certain health conditions from arising. 

    Because mats can cause knots in your pet’s hair, this can lead to pain and discomfort - something every owner wants to prevent. A good brushing will also make your dog’s coat shine. Their nails will be trimmed to prevent curling and invasion of germs.

    The early detection of infections or problems affecting your pet's skin is key to your pup's long-term health, and groomers know what to look for. They will be much more likely to notice inflammation, infections, lumps, rashes, or lesions. Because of this, a groomer may be able to identify a serious health issue to ensure that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

  • How do your groomers handle fearful or aggressive pets?

    Our groomers have spent many hours handling stressed, anxious, or aggravated animals. In cases where the animal is especially fearful or aggressive, sedation during the grooming session may be recommended. Most of the time, though, our groomer can manage the animal with the following steps:

    • Offering treats

    • Frequent breaks

    • A quiet, peaceful environment

    • Opening a window or playing music

    • Asking a dog to do something it knows (like 'sit' or 'shake')

Bathing Services

We offer bathing services to dogs daily, including shampoo, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. This is all topped off by a blow-dry brush. 

We also use Fresh n' Clean to keep your dog smelling good for 2 weeks!

Benefits of Bathing

There are several sanitary and dermatological benefits to regular bathing sessions for dogs. Bathing:

  • Reduces shedding
  • Helps us monitor your pet's health
  • Softens and conditions coat
  • Removes dirt & odor for cleaner skin and coat
  • Helps treat and reduce symptoms of any allergies & skin conditionsGrooming is a necessity to ensure your pet stays clean and healthy. This task can remove fur that’s been shed and has stuck to your dog’s coat, fleas, mats, and ticks. Other health conditions can also be halted or prevented.

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