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Veterinary Medical Care in Burlington and Bellingham

At Chuckanut Valley Vet Clinic and Chuckanut Feline Center, we are here to meet your pet’s needs. We offer advanced veterinary services by consulting with local board-certified veterinary specialists in a wide range of specialties.

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Medical Care

We work with veterinary specialists to provide the needed specific medical services for our patients. 

Our veterinary team prides itself on being well-rounded and making sure we can support our patients and the owners that love them in all their medical needs.

Medical Pet Care, Burlington and Bellingham Veterinarians
Medical Pet Care, Burlington and Bellingham Veterinarians

Medical Care Services 

There are many specialized medical care services for which we are likely to refer to an external specialist. in any circumstance, we always work tight in tandem with the specialist as your pet's primary care veterinarian to ensure a great continuity of care.

  • Cardiology

    Our cardiology services include diagnosis and management of all basic heart disease. Our digital x-rays and advanced electrocardiogram (ECG) machine allow us quick and accurate diagnosis as well as convenient consultations with board specialists in Cardiology.  This ability allows us to move quickly and accurately diagnose the problem as well as initiate appropriate treatment.

  • Neurology

    Neurology services include basic diagnosis and medical management of neurologic problems.  Common problems that can be managed in-clinic include intervertebral disc disease and vestibular disease.

    If your pet has a neurological issue, we are ready to refer you to a board-certified neurologist who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.

  • Ophthalmology

    With glaucoma being the leading cause of blindness in dogs, be sure to know some of the warning signs. Glaucoma is caused by increased fluid pressure in the eye. This can be from eye injury, eye diseases, or physical traits that predispose certain breeds of dogs and cats. Timely diagnosis and treatment can save your pet pain, suffering, and possibly blindness. 

  • Critical & Intensive Care

    Critical care and emergency services are a large part of what we do daily.  At CVVC you can be assured that our advanced technology and state-of-the-art diagnostics can help save lives when your pet is in a severe crisis. Our advanced digital x-rays, in-house blood chemistry, hematology analyzer, ultrasound, and trained licensed veterinary technicians allow us to make a quick diagnosis and begin treatment when minutes count.  Our intensive care area is located in the center of the clinic making sure patients who need constant observation are getting it.

  • Pathology

    Pathology is the study of disease processes in the body.  Determining the pathology is often the first step in creating a diagnosis and treatment plan.

    By understanding disease processes, our trained veterinary team can understand and anticipate the consequences in our beloved pets.

  • Rehabilitation and Pain Relief

    We utilize cold-laser therapy, acupuncture, and other rehabilitative techniques to help pets recover and mitigate pain. 

New Patients Welcome

Chuckanut Valley Vet Clinic and Chuckanut Feline Center is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Burlington and Bellingham companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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