Serious illness including heart failure and kidney disease can result from dental problems. Prevention and prompt treatment are necessary to keep your pet healthy. Routine brushing, proper nutrition, and periodic dental cleanings are all necessary for keeping a healthy mouth.

As with most other areas of veterinary medicine, we stress preventative measures to maintain oral health.  Good oral hygiene is crucial for good and long quality of life.   Given correctly, oral maintenance products can prevent plaque and tartar that lead to gingivitis and tooth loosening.  These include appropriate diet, daily tooth brushing, water additives, specialized C.E.T. chews, and chew toys.

We have a standardized oral health grading system that helps us consistently communicate the degree of pathology in the mouth.  Dentals include our typical general anesthesia work up (exam, pre-anesthetic blood work, IV catheter, IV fluids, pre-induction sedation and analgesia shots, induction, maintenance on gas anesthesia) and maintenance (forced air Bair Hugger heating blanket, constant Veterinary or Licensed Veterinary Technician monitoring, constant breath monitoring with respiratory meters, as well as external cuff blood pressure, continuous pulse oximeter, and heart rate and rhythm monitoring).  Our dental equipment includes dental digital radiography, and Dentalaire high speed water cooled drill, scaler, and polisher.