Wellness Exams

One of the keys to your pet’s health is heading off medical issues or illnesses before they occur. The best way to do that is with proper wellness care, which alerts you and your veterinarian to any conditions that may be develop down the road, and helps you prevent them before they cause a problem.

The most important part of preventative care involves encompassing our complete physical exam with all of each patients breed, age, history, underlying conditions, daily activities, and exposure to environmental and infectious pathogens.

With this information, our team of veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians develop a reasonable plan to optimize health, good quality of life, and the human animal bond.  This is generally through food and supplement recommendations, parasite control and vaccine schedules, as well as periodic wellness exams and laboratory diagnostics.

Wellness care is important for all of our animals, from the neonatal Pixie-Bob kitten, to the 12 year old Black Angus cow, to the 32 year old Shetland pony.

Please inquire about our membership plans available for cats and dogs.  A CVVC Membership Plan is an affordable way to ensure your pet receives wellness care year round.