Digital Imaging


Digital radiography is an instrument used to evaluate the function and integrity of structures within the body.  These diagnostics allow us to achieve 2 dimensional images of muscles, tendons, ligaments, vasculature, bones and organ systems.  The highly sensitive x-ray screen that records the digital image allows us to have the ability to magnify images, acquire specific measurements, and assess structures as fine as hair to as thick as vertebral bodies from the same image.

Additionally, we have a portable ultrasound, available for farm visits, which is an important part of pregnancy diagnosis of small ruminants and horses.


Ultrasound with color flow Doppler allows us to assess blood flow, tissue density, real time motion (heart function/rate and fetal movement in utero) as well as aiding in specific guided deep needle biopsy.

Ultrasound is a unique and advanced diagnostic tool that allows better visualization of the abdomen and a more thorough look at internal organs than x-rays in some cases.

Common procedures performed using the ultrasound include early pregnancy diagnosis, evaluation of the internal organs of the abdomen and aspiration (sampling) of abnormal masses in or around the abdomen.  For more advanced cases a boarded radiologist and ultrasonographer can come to CVVC to provide expert care.


Our in-house laboratory facilities include serum chemistry, hematology, serology and parasite testing capabilities.  When necessary, we use university and veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics.

At CVVC we offer a complete in-house diagnostic center that includes the most modern laboratory equipment, the catalyst and the lasercyte.  We also can run fecal exams for parasites, complete urine tests as well as many cytologic exams.  Cytologic exams are looking at samples of tissue under the microscope to determine what is going on with your pet.